No Surgery

Great news from Seattle!

Dad is NOT going to have surgery tomorrow (Thursday) because a pre-surgery CAT scan revealed that tumor/cyst is reducing in size and is no longer blocking the pathway for fluids in his brain. The neurosurgeon said the only reason to operate at this time would be to get a biopsy of the mass and that isn’t a high priority now. Dad will get another scan in two weeks. For now they will reevaluate him to determine what to do next. He will probably begin cognitive therapy and be fitted for a brace on his back. There is still a long way to go but avoiding surgery is an excellent first step.

We asked the neurosurgeon if there was anything we could do to help Dad and he said to pray. It turns out that he is doing research on the relationship between prayer and healing. His recommendation leads us to believe there must be a positive correlation between the two which would have been our hypothesis. We continue to give thanks to God in every situation. We are also thankful for your prayers.


P.S. One convenient aspect of Dad losing his short term memory is that the same “get well” cards are new to him each day. However, this appears to be changing as he has now demonstrated the ability to hang on to new memories. Yesterday we told him about his technician’s wife killing a rattlesnake and he remembered it today. My point is that there may come a time soon where he will need some new cards and email greetings 🙂 He would love to hear from friends and family if you have time to email or send a card. Our address is: 3444 11th Ave West, Seattle WA 98119. Please feel free to share this with others.


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