Pretty good day

Dad had a pretty good day on Monday. Nancy and Cynthia stayed with him all day. I studied and played chauffeur. Michelle kept the kids busy with swimming lessons and then fixed a great supper for us after we returned from the hospital.

Dad enjoyed a few hands of gin rummy with Cynthia. She said he did pretty good but knew that he wasn’t at his best when he discarded a queen after she had already picked one up. He answered a number of short term memory questions correctly for the doctors. They have told us not to expect sustained progress in this area. He used to always get “What year is it?” correct and miss “Where are you?” Now it seems to be the other way around. He continues to make progress physically as he is more alert, rarely coughs and doesn’t seem to have much back pain. He enjoys reading the many cards that have been sent to him.

The neurosurgeons will operate on Thursday morning. It will be an endoscopic procedure, meaning that they will be able to view and operate inside his head using a small hole and tiny video camera. The goal of the surgery is to reduce pressure being put on the area of the brain that controls his short term memory. The hope is that this reduction in pressure will allow his short term memory to return. The surgeons don’t believe this is likely as this area may already be permanently damaged. They will also take a biopsy of the tumor/cyst in his brain so they can determine what it is and how to treat it. There are a number of risks with this procedure but to do nothing may be even riskier.

We are thankful to God for Dad’s progress and remain hopeful for what is yet to come.



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