Dad tested for rehab services

Dad had a busy day today. Along with his usual list of doctors, he was also examined by a rehabilitation doctor, an occupational therapist, and a speech pathologist. They evaluated him to determine whether he qualifies for inpatient rehabilitation services. In order to qualify he needs to be able to do three to four hours of physical and cognitive therapy each day. Up until yesterday he wasn’t even awake for three hours a day. Everything looks better now so the move to rehabilitation floor may happen on Monday. Dad was also fitted for a brace that will help him keep appropriate posture for his back, reducing pressure on his compression fractures. His memory continues to improve as he did very well with all the questions that were thrown at him today. They asked him which was warmer, winter or summer. His answer was “it depends.” He explained that it depended on whether you go to Australia for the winter or not. This was something that he and Mom did several times as he worked on a research project with Australian colleagues.



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