Michelle, Luke and Grandpa Wicks

Michelle continues to make progress. She was up early this morning helping Katy get some breakfast. Katy has taken a liking to Carnation Instant Breakfasts so Michelle bought a new blending device that works within a cup (you know to cut down on messes). Katy wanted crushed ice in her drink but Michelle had already mixed the chocolate and milk and wasn’t sure if the blending device was tough enough to crush the ice. Like a dad with a new power tool, Michelle decided to put the blender to the test. Within seconds, almost the entire drink was on the walls, floor, counter, and on Michelle’s dress. Katy demonstrated her quickness and remained dry.

After church I was in charge of making some scrambled eggs. Luke saw me cracking the eggs and decided that it was time for him to learn this trade. He slammed the egg against the bowl and it splatted back in his face. It was truly a case of “getting egg on your face.” Luke decided that I was capable of finishing the project on my own.

Grandpa Wicks came back “home” tonight. Luke and I picked him up at the airport. Luke was anxious to show Grandpa his new T-ball hat and a book about space that Grandma Rita had bought him. Grandpa looks pretty good. We brought him home and feed him left-over halibut from the Hilton’s. He thought it tasted pretty good. There’s one halibut steak left and Grandpa’s planning on having it for breakfast some day soon.


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