Michelle, Jonathan, Grandpa Wicks and Katy

Wow, it’s hard to believe that Today is already Thursday. We’ve been pretty busy this week. Michelle continues to feel better. Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support. We’re still working on all the food we have been given.

Please keep our newest cousin in your prayers. Jonathan is the first child of Daniel (Michelle’s brother) and Sarah Greenstreet. He is 3 1/2 months old and has an ear infection, bronchitis, and the virus RSV. They live in Missouri near Michelle’s parents.

Yesterday, Grandpa Wicks had his first appointment with the cancer doctors since coming back from Nebraska. They were pleased with his counts. They are now going to slowly reduce the amount of prednisone that he takes. Today, Grandpa started taking 55 mg instead of his usual 60. He also resumed his walking.

Katy had a practice softball game yesterday. She had three hits. Two should have been doubles but after making big turns at first base, Katy found that second base was still occupied by the girl who batted ahead of her. It’s hard for Katy to remember back a couple of years ago when her foot was glued to each new base she reached. Grandpa Wicks has been asked to serve as pitching coach for the team as only girls who dedicate time to pitch each week will be allowed to pitch in the games. This is in direct contrast with last year’s league policy of allowing the first girl who raised her hand to pitch.


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