Luke, Grandma Rita and the Hiltons

Luke had his second T-ball game today. Michelle was able to attend as she continues to feel better. Luke didn’t disappoint her as he went three for three with two doubles and a single. Grandma Rita, Katy and I were also on hand. The highlight of the game was when Brandon, the center fielder was sleeping on his glove and woke up just in time to chase down a ball.

We celebrated the great game by going to the Discovery Park beach for a picnic. The snow capped Olympics were to the West. Mt. Rainier was in the south and there must have been a hundred sail boats in the Puget Sound. A great day for a picnic. Another reason for celebrating was to thank Grandma Rita for all her good help while Michelle has been recovering. We would have been in big trouble without her. She will be heading back to Missouri on Monday.

Our neighbors, the Hiltons, had us over for dinner this evening. They cooked up some halibut steaks and ham (for the non-fish eaters). A nice time was had by all. Everyone went to bed early as we set the clocks ahead tonight.


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