Luke, Michelle, and Japanese Toilets

Luke woke Michelle up this morning to tell her that he spilled milk while fixing his cereal. She could just image the mess as she knew there was only a full carton in the refrigerator. Given her recent surgery, Michelle is not quite ready to get down on her hands and knees yet. She was quite relieved when Luke shouted “April Fools!”

Michelle continues to make good progress. She was able to drive to her own doctor’s appointment today. She is still going to be sore for a while but the doctor was impressed with her progress. Our church family and friends from school continue to bring flowers and food. Grandma Rita continues to do a great job helping with the kids.

We installed some Japanese toilets (Toto) after Christmas. Today we got our first water bill since then. It was $70 less than the January bill. We spent $800 on them but it looks like they will pay for themselves in about two years. The coolest feature is the hydraulic shock that prevents the toilet lid from slamming. Everyone is now in the habit of shutting the lid so our poor dog doesn’t get to drink out of the toilet.


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