Procedure successfulKaty inteviews professional baseball player

The procedure to insert a filter into Dad to prevent large blood clots from going to his lungs was successful. The oncologists have recommended that he be transferred back to the rehab unit. The paperwork and evaluations couldn’t be completed by Friday so he is going to stay where he is until Monday. We are now hoping to have Dad home sometime next week.

Katy recovered in time to do her interview. She interviewed Mariner pitcher Matt Thorton. He is only 300 games behind Greg Maddux in his bid to win 300 games at the major league level. Katy did a good job asking and answering questions as Matt also interviewed her. It turns out that there aren’t any tickets for Sunday’s game so we’ll have to watch the interview on videotape. Instead Katy gets to pick another game to go to later in the season. Here’s more information on Matt Thorton’s brief major league career:



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