Michelle, Katy and Grandpa Wicks

Spring quarter just started so I haven’t had a chance to report what has been going on with the family.

Michelle is making steady progress after her surgery. Yesterday she walked around the block three times. Today she went for a car ride to get Ella’s (our schnoodle) nails clipped. Michelle still has some pain so the doctor gave her some different medicine to try. It’s only been a week now since the surgery so she’s making great progress.

Katy was put in the top math group for her grade today. She’s in good company as one of the boys in the group has tested into the school for the top 1% of Seattle. All this from a girl who didn’t think she was good at math last fall. We’re very proud of her.

Grandpa Wicks has his platelets back over 100 K. Cynthia is still with him and was making pancakes for him this morning when I called. We need to get him back out here soon before he misses too many of the kids’ ball games.


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