Luke, Michelle, and Grandpa Wicks

Today was Luke’s big day. He had pictures for his T-ball team at 8:45 AM. His coach handed out uniforms right before pictures, royal blue shirts and hats. Luke managed to get a few grass stains on his shirt before the team photo.

From there he went to the top of McGraw St in Magnolia to march in the annual Little League parade. A fire engine led the parade followed by a bag pipes band. All 12 players on Luke’s team helped carry a banner. By the half way point of the parade route, the coach and four players were left with the banner as others had found more interesting things to do. The parade ended at the ball park where the sports guy from Channel 4 welcomed over 700 players. The Mariners field crew performed a dance routine as they raked the field. Luke, Barry and Stryker Spomer, and I went out for pizza before Luke and Stryker’s first game.

The game was a lot of fun as all 12 batted every inning and played in the field. Luke worked the T pretty good as he fouled off 3-4 pitches before each hit. After the first inning was over he came up and asked me if this was the game. You could see a light go on as I answered yes. Luke played first base in the third and final inning. He made about five put outs before his mind started to wonder. He spent the rest of the inning daydreaming, looking up just in time to duck as the ball was about to hit him. The ball and the throws were soft not much to worry about. It was hard to tell who enjoyed the game more, the kids or the parents.

Michelle continued to make progress today. She is still in quite a bit of pain. She wanted me to take her for a walk around the block after Luke’s game but I was already in the middle of my Saturday power nap. Luke, of course, was outside playing ball as soon as we got home. I promised to walk with Michelle on Sunday after church. Meanwhile, Katy and Grandma Rita found a good sale on Nancy Drew books. Katy started reading the first before dinner and finished it off right before bedtime.

Back in Nebraska, Grandpa Wicks, Cynthia and Michael went to Hastings to visit Nancy and Curt’s family. John was playing in a basketball tournament. Cynthia met Joe in Nebraska City so that Michael could go back to Kansas City to school. Cynthia and Grandpa will return to North Platte on Sunday. The taxes still aren’t done but Grandpa is famous for finishing them at 11:30 PM on April 15. I guess they didn’t have Quicken and TurboTax in the old days.


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