Goal – August 13

Dad is making progress each day in his rehab program. The doctors are targeting August 13 as his release date. He has goals from occupational therapy, physical therapy, and speech therapy. He needs to be able to do things such as walk a specified distance with and without a walker and get up and down stairs on his own.

The neuropsychologist gave Dad a clean bill of health on his memory, language and perception skills. He assured us that there are no signs of dementia. Dad demonstrated his computer skills to the speech therapist today, showing her how he had gotten rid of all of his spam and was starting to respond to messages that he received. They are encouraging him to take it slow and easy as he gets back to work. He is not sure he agrees as he now remembers all of his project deadlines.

The major concerns at this point are platelet count and back pain. He has needed several platelet transfusions since coming to the rehab unit. They are trying to keep him above 100K to prevent bleeding in his brain. The mass remains but as long as it doesn’t bleed there isn’t a plan for surgery. Dad continues to experience back pain, primarily from muscle spasms. They are working to control the pain so that he can be at his best when exercising. They want him to be as strong as possible when he returns to our house next week. From there he will continue to get therapy on an outpatient basis.

Michelle and the kids have been working hard to prepare Grandpa’s new room on the main level. Michelle and Katy painted it today. Luke and Katy painted a night stand for his lamp and radio. Everyone is adjusting nicely to their new rooms. Luke said it is like having a new house. We have need of contractors for cement and deck repair to make sure the house is accessible. Please let us know if you know someone in the Seattle area that you would recommend.

Thanks for your prayers and kind words,



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