Dad comes home to Seattle!

Praise God!

Dad came home to our house in Seattle at 6 PM Saturday. He has been in the hospital since July 18. He missed the kids and Michelle by about 24 hours as they left Friday for Missouri to visit Michelle folks, her brothers’ families and my sister Cynthia’s family. We all went up to the hospital for dinner with Dad last Thursday night so the kids and Michelle did get to say good bye before they left. They will be back next Monday so Dad and I have a week to work out some of the house accessibility kinks. The big one right now is the bathroom. It still isn’t quite right but the contractor is promising to fix it by Wednesday.

Dad has been doing great at the house. He has already made his famous potato soup. Tomorrow morning he plans to make his secret microwaved mashed potato and egg recipe. The mash potatoes are from our good neighbors Gwen and Reuben who served us a wonderful dinner tonight. Dad is feeling pretty good. His platelets have stayed above 50K since Thursday. He has almost no back pain. He is spending most of his time in a wheel chair working on the computer but he regularly uses his walker to get exercise by walking throughout the house. Until his endurance and strength improve, all medical services he needs will come to the house. Exceptions include doctor appointments and transfusions.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, cards, and encouragement. It’s great to have him home!



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