We’re still here – A quick update

Sorry, I just haven’t had time to write for a while. We’ve been very busy. Michelle continues to improve now that a month has passed since she had surgery. Grandpa Wicks is doing pretty good. The plan to reduce his prednisone didn’t work so he is waiting for a new plan tomorrow. While waiting he has kept busy with his writing and walking. Katy and Luke are staying busy with their ball playing. Katy had her first game last Thursday. Cousin Kerry Wicks was in town to see her go three for four. She also made a number of good plays fielding the ball. The final score was 13-13. The parents were happy as many of them wanted to go home and watch The Apprentice. Grandpa Wicks bought Luke his own T so he has been practicing his swing quite a bit.

We spent the weekend up at Camp Casey with the Schiffmans and the Mansfields. Lots of fun was had by all. The kids enjoyed time on the beach building forts. We had a good game of Threes with the adults. Grandpa Wicks walked down to the ferry each day to get the paper (about 2 miles round trip). The weather was great.


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