Michelle is almost 100% as Grandpa Wicks waits for test results

Michelle continues to feel better after her surgery. This week she was able to pull weeds from a flower bed and plant some new flowers. Today, she even forgot to take a nap.

Grandpa Wicks has been feeling pretty good even though the plan to reduce his prednisone didn’t work. He had a CAT scan and bone marrow draw done this last week to find out what is happening with the cancer. If the recent chemo worked then he will probably get another dose. If not, then they will plan to change to something other than prednisone.

Grandpa Wicks bought us a new stainless steel grill this week. Our old grill was getting a bit rusty. Our neighbors, Gwen and Reuben bought the first steaks. Michelle prepared everything else including corn on the cob and an apple cake. The grill works great. Now we have to find some good salmon or halibut to grill for Grandpa. Michelle and I went to see a play to top of the evening while everyone else watched a movie.

David, Michelle, Grandpa Wicks, and Ella Bubbles wait for Luke’s 9 AM Saturday game to start. Picture by Katy Wicks. The temperature was 49 when we left the house but was near 60 and sunny during the game.


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