Is Tweecious the answer?

tweeciousBefore Twitter and Twine, I used Delicious to drive my blogging in WordPress. Delicious compiled all bookmarks for a given day and sent them to WordPress. WordPress shared the links as a “Links of the Day” post. I would modify the “Links of the Day” post to create a reflection about the contents of one or more of the links. Life was good.

However, when I added Twitter for microblogging and Twine for steroid-bookmarking (oh it is so much more than a bookmarking tool) I began neglecting my WordPress blog because I was posting new links to Twine instead of Delicious. Twine allows me to tweet about my bookmarks (and so much more) so I thought life was really good until I remembered that I was forgetting to blog. (sigh)

Tweecious (hope you are still with me) may help me complete the circle as now I can use Twine to bookmark and tweet (and so much more). My tweet URLs will get picked up by Tweecious and posted to Delicious. Delicious bookmarks will then be sent to WordPress, which will prompt me to blog. At this point I believe life may be good again so I’ll stop.

Oh, one more thought, I may consider dropping Delicious all together if Twine would send WordPress my links of the day.

The cast (in order of appearance in this reflection)


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