Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are thankful to have Dad with us during this holiday. He has gone over a month now without needing a platelet transfusion. He is still busy working on manuscripts. He bought a laptop computer so that he can keep his feet up while working.

At the same time his cancer has been more aggressive. His cancer doctor believes that Dad is in a later stage of his disease called the “dwindles.” Dad has been sleeping more and is quickly fatigued. His eyesight was getting worse so we took him to the eye doctor. Cataracts had developed as a side effect of high doses of prednisone. He had surgery last week to repair his left eye. He now has 20/25 vision in that eye. He will have surgery on the other eye on December 1. His eyesight is extremely important to him as he spends much of his time reading and writing.

All of our construction work is done and has worked well for getting dad in and out of the house. However, the cancer doctor has determined that Dad is not strong enough for any more chemotherapy so he has transitioned to hospice care where most care is done in our home. Since Dad can get hospice care in Nebraska we are planning to have him go home with Nancy when she comes for a visit December 4. If everything works out he and Nancy will be flying back first class on December 10. Nancy and Curt are getting their house ready and have made contact with hospice in Hastings. Dad will be about two hours from home so he should have an opportunity to visit with friends and coworkers. We are all making plans to spend Christmas in North Platte if Dad is up to traveling. If not we will be with him in Hastings.

Dad would love to visit with friends and family. You can call at our house now at 206.285.9023. After December 10 you can reach him at Nancy’s 402.460.0698.

We would appreciate your prayers. Please pray for Dad’s eye surgery on December 1. Please pray for his health and strength for travel.




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