Grandpa Wicks in hospital – Michelle’s Mother’s day

Grandpa Wicks had a rough weekend as we took him to the emergency room on Saturday. Initially, the doctors thought that Grandpa had pneumonia. They decided to admit him about 11:30 PM because his oxygen levels were low. He started feeling better by noon on Sunday. The doctors ruled out pneumonia but they were still unsure of the cause of his cough and back pains. He came home about 3:30 PM today and went right back to work on the computer. We’re suspecting that the computer has something to do with his back troubles.

While in the emergency room, the doctors told Grandpa that they were hesitant to admit him because they didn’t want to expose him to all of the sick people in the hospital. He asked if there was a separate floor for people with compromised immune systems like there was in North Platte. There wasn’t and then as it turned midnight (and Mother’s Day) Grandpa shared with the doctors the story of how he and Grandma spent the last days before she went into a comma on separate floors in the same hospital, never getting to see each other because he couldn’t be exposed to the patients on her floor, including her. I know that Cynthia, Nancy and I have separately wondered how we would make it through Mother’s day this year without our wonderful mom. Cynthia said it best. “Just when you think it’s going to be difficult, something (Dad going into the hospital) comes up to help you refocus.” We’re very thankful to God that we get to spend more time with Dad.

Michelle was a great sport on Mother’s day. I was at the hospital until about 1:30 AM Sunday morning with Grandpa. She let me know that she was ok with whatever happend on Mother’s day. I went to the hospital around 7 AM Sunday morning and came home around 9:30 AM. The kids and I took Michelle to Breakfast at the Five Spot. Katy and Luke’s original plan was to fix Mom breakfast in bed with Katy making a breakfast burritos, Luke making a fruit salad, and me making the bacon. Time didn’t allow so we had to move to plan b. We had a good time and good food at the restaurant. Then Michelle and the kids took Ella to an off-leash dog park while I took a nap before returning to the hospital. After taking Ella home, they came to the hospital for a visit with Grandpa. Then we went to dinner at Red Robin. We also went shopping for a new bed. Our bed was a wedding present from my parents and after 11 year it is showing its age. We found a new one that will be delivered this weekend. Michelle took me back to the hospital. I spent a few more hours with Grandpa before coming home. Grandpa’s health has been challenging for all of us but Michelle has probably been the one to make the most compromises. I love you, Michelle, xoxoxo


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