Grandpa Wicks goes home

Grandpa Wicks is leaving to go back to Nebraska. It is a true miracle given that he was in the hospital last weekend. He will fly out at 2:30 PM PST today and be in North Platte by 10 PM. Here is what he has written about his condition:

Update on Gail Wicks medical condition May 13, 2004

In January 2003 Gail was diagnose as to having Non-Hodgson Lymphoma and chronic lymphocytic and leukemia (CLL). He is considered atypical. He was discovered to have paroxysmal atrial fibrillation in July 2003, and a venous thromboses (blood clot) in October 2003. While at the Cancer Center in Seattle he was diagnosed has having Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpua (ITP) which attacks his platelets. This is an auto immune disease.

On May 8, 2004 he was admitted to the University of Washington Hospital with a slight case of pneumonia and lower back pain. After viewing the past X-rays they decided that it was not pneumonia. The back pain was largely due to coughing and /or musculoskeletal etiology. He received oxygen while in the hospital as his level was 88 while lying down. He was dismissed May 10 and was cleared from taking oxygen May 12. On May 13 he had tests on his lungs to see why he had a runny nose and then this developed into a cough. The diagnosis was he had “sinus dribbles” that may be related to the humidity in the Northwest. This is very common for people in this area.

Since he was placed on mycophenolate April 28, 2004, his platelet count has risen from 86,000 May 4 to 195,000 May 11. His prednisone dosage was dropped from 60 mg to 55 on May 11. He will be at this level for a couple of weeks. No further chemo is planned at this time. Normal platelet count is 150,000 to 400,000. He is taking Lovenox for his blood clot in his leg.


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