Busy Monday for Dad

Dad had another busy day on Monday with visits from specialists. His status hasn’t changed much other than his platelet count was down to 24K. He received a transfusion that bumped it up to 140K.

One of the doctors is a former professional softball player so they had a conversation about several softball legends. The doctors were curious about his research so I told them that they were talking to one of the foremost experts on jointed goat grass. They asked Dad how to get rid of it and he said “not very easily.” In case you are wondering how to get rid of jointed goat grass you can read about his research on the National Jointed Goat Grass Research Program web site: http://www.jointedgoatgrass.org/Research/States/NE.htm

Michelle and Luke (our 5 year old) came up for a visit in the evening. Luke wore a pair of hand-me-down Ug boots as a tribute to Grandpa’s fond memories of his trips to Australia. Dad smiled when he saw them.

In the past we have always joked that Dad timed his hospital visits to watch sporting events like Nebraska Football games because we don’t have cable TV at home. Well, he hasn’t been interested in watching TV this time but his visit has been timely for me. As some of you know I am working on my dissertation and need frequent access to journal articles. I can access the University of Washington’s online journal databases from Dad’s hospital room so I’m being academically productive while we wait for updates.

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