Invitation to participate in the 2023 Global Symposium on Education Innovations

The 10th Annual Symposium on Coming Changes in Education is scheduled from December 6-9, 2023, at the Universitas Kristen Krida Wacana (UKRIDA) in Jakarta and Universitas Sultan Ageng Tirtayasa (UNTIRTA) in Serang, Banten, Indonesia. Organized by faculty from UKRIDA, UNTIRTA, and SPU, this symposium will provide an opportunity to discuss emerging ideas in global higher education and P-12 education.

Here’s a glimpse of the relevant topics open for paper submissions:

  • Artificial Intelligence in Education
  • Global Citizenship Education
  • Environments for Creativity and Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Education
  • Robotics in Education
  • Bite-Sized Learning and Micro-Credentials
  • Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • Emotional and Social Skills Development
  • Project-Based Learning and Experiential Education

Why participate?

  1. Experience incredible hospitality: Indonesians pride themselves on being good hosts. All conference-related expenses, including hotel accommodations and meals, are covered during the conference. You’ll need to cover the cost of your flight to Jakarta and any other travel you’d like to do in Indonesia.
  2. Expand Your Network: This is a chance to collaborate and converse with international peers.
  3. Additional Opportunities: Conference organizers will offer opportunities to lecture at other Indonesian universities and visit K-12 schools during your stay.
  4. Publication Possibility: Symposium presentations can be turned into manuscripts and be considered for publication in a special edition of the International Dialogues on Education Journal in February 2024.


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