Part 3 – bPortfolio: 5 Steps to Create a bPortfolio in WordPress

[ ?posts_id=2787470&dest=28733] This screencast describes the five steps Seattle Pacific University Residency Certification students will take set up their bPortfolios in WordPress. The five steps are: Create an account Select Theme, Widgets, & Categories Enter your first post (reflection) Create your About pages Share your portfolio (2:29)

Blackboard or WordPress? Part II

Should universities ditch Blackboard in favor of WordPress (or other Web 2.0 tools)? In Part I, I argued against such a move.  After watching the interview below I may have changed my mind. Well, not exactly, but I do believe faculty should consider a blended approach where they integrate real-world (still-living-after-the-term-is-over) tools with their university’s […]

Blackboard or WordPress? Part I

Colleges Consider Using Blogs Instead of Blackboard – Please read the linked article above and then let me know what you see as the advantages and disadvantages of using a blog (WordPress) instead of a learning management system (Blackboard)? I’ll tell you what I think. First here’s my disclosure statement.  I’m a huge fan […]

Coining a new term – bPortfolios

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about electronic portfolios recently.  Both faculty and students have been unhappy with our current implementation.  Faculty see the system as onerous because it doesn’t fit well with their current assessment practices. Students view the system as just another requirement, rather than as a way to reflect on their […]

Creating an ePortfolio with WordPress

How to create an ePortfolio with WordPress  In this link, ePortfolio guru Hellen Barrett explains how to create an electronic portfolio with Word Press. I like how her portfolio can be used both for demonstrating competency as well as to create a showcase of best work.  I’m starting to believe that a blog might be […]