Google+ as a Tool for Collaborative Learning

Emerging Technology in Online Learning Symposium Las Vegas, NV. July 26, 2012 Lead Presenter: Karissa Locke (Google, US) Tess Milligan (Google, US) Mark Green (Simpson College, US) David Wicks (Seattle Pacific University, US) Courtney Step (Seattle Pacific University, US) Kami Cottrell (Seattle Pacific University, US) Abstract: Hear from professors and students pioneering the use of […]

Recommended Martin Luther King Day To-Do List for SPU Faculty

I sent the following message to Seattle Pacific University faculty in hopes that they will submit a grant application to me by Monday night: Suggested To Do List for Monday, January 18, 2010 Wake up. Have some coffee and breakfast. Download and listen to several of the Martin Luther King lectures from SPU’s iTunes U […]

Do older teachers use technology differently?

Technology generation gap at work The Technology Generation Gap at Work is Oh So Wide – ReadWriteWeb A study (identified in the links above) finds a significant difference in how people from different generations think about and use technology in the work place. This may have implications for technology integration in the classroom.  The study […]

Happy Birthday Macintosh!

[youtube=] Here’s a short video of Steve Jobs introducing the Macintosh computer to the world 25 years ago. The crowd goes crazy over a word processor, a paint program, and a synthesized voice. Fun stuff.  My first sustained exposure to Macintosh was in 1986 as a student teacher in St. Joseph, Missouri.  I was fasinated […]

Drunk driving & facebook, Online Cheating Legislation

Don’t drink and drive, then post on Facebook Here’s a reminder to think twice before posting something on a social networking site. It doesn’t appear as if the people mentioned in this article were thinking at all. (delicious tags: K-12 Facebook higher_ed MySpace socialnetworking) New Systems Keep a Close Eye on Online Students at Home […]