You are what you tweet

This week’s EdSurge newsletter shared a site called that plans to offer a tool allowing users to make custom infographics. For now you can share your Twitter handle and it will make an infographic that “explains” your Twitter stats.  It is interesting to learn that I am 28.17% interesting.

Students, don’t defriend your facebook account just yet

Facebook Users, Research Need Further Study The link above will take you to an article in the Wall Street Journal that gives hope to students who considered dumping facebook after a recent study reported a relationship between social networking and lower grades. (delicious tags: higher_education Facebook socialnetworking K-12)

Can the NCAA make a student take down a facebook group?

Can the NCAA make a student take down a facebook group? College students have started making facebook groups to encourage star high school athletes to attend their university. The NCAA considers these students as boosters and is asking athletic departments to have the pages taken down. Not so fast NCAA… (delicious tags: higher_education Facebook socialnetworking […]

Applying to a college? Your facebook page may be a problem

College Applicants, Beware: Your Facebook Page Is Showing (web link) Some colleges are reviewing facebook pages as part of their process to evaluate potentional students. Students need to be careful what they include on their facebook pages. (delicious tags: Facebook higher_education socialnetworking web_2.0)