10 Questions about bPortfolios

This presentation provides answers to ten common questions about bPortfolios that students have when the are first introduced to this tool for reflecting and documenting their learning, and working towards competency on program standards. The questions: What is a blog? What is an electronic portfolio? What is a bPortfolio? Who is the audience? What are […]

4 steps to setting up your bPortfolio

During the Residency Teacher Certification program you will be asked to document evidence of your good work and the good work of your students.  To accomplish this, you will set up and maintain a blog.  A blog is an online journaling tool that includes links to other media (or artifacts) such as documents, images, and […]

Learning how to assess learning portfolios

David Wicks, Assistant Professor, Director of Instructional Technology, Seattle Pacific University Andrew Lumpe, Professor, Associate Dean, School of Education, Seattle Pacific University Abstract: When institutions switch from a program assessment system to individual learning portfolios, students spend more time reflecting upon, personalizing, and documenting their work. During such a transition, assessment design becomes more challenging. […]

Part 9 – bPortfolio: Step 6 Using a rubric to help write posts

[blip.tv ?posts_id=2813328&dest=28733] This screencast shows Seattle Pacific University Residency Certification students how to write better blog posts (reflections) by using a rubric designed by David Wicks and students in his Summer 2009 ed tech class. (7:24) bportfolio rubric (PDF)