Part 3 – bPortfolio: 5 Steps to Create a bPortfolio in WordPress

[ ?posts_id=2787470&dest=28733] This screencast describes the five steps Seattle Pacific University Residency Certification students will take set up their bPortfolios in WordPress. The five steps are: Create an account Select Theme, Widgets, & Categories Enter your first post (reflection) Create your About pages Share your portfolio (2:29)

Blogs, Wikis, and Google Docs, Oh My!

Blogs Wikis Docs Chart The web page linked above uses a table to compare features of blogs, wikis, and Google Docs. Comparison topics include definitions, number of concurrent authors, and how each tool is used in collaborative activities. The author, who is unknown, outlines commonly known strengths and weaknesses of each tool. For example, one […]

Gradebook Thoughts for an Open Course

I’m co-teaching an educational technology course with Helen Barrett (@eportfolios). Instead of using Blackboard, we’re trying to use all open technologies for the course.  We are using Google Sites for the content and Google Groups for class communication (no Google Wave invite yet). So far, so good except for a few small snags such as […]

12 Questions about Blackboard 9

[ ?posts_id=2634039&dest=28733] Full screen version of screencast In this workshop, David Wicks discusses 12 common questions asked about the use of Blackboard Release 9. (1 hour 15 minutes) The questions are: What browser should I be using? What happened to the Control Panel? How can I see the course as students see it? How do […]